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Heidi Pike knew she wanted to help people feel better pretty much from day one. What kinda struck Heidi as odd along the way is that some people really don’t want to feel better. These people cling to their pain so tightly—like that particular pain is what’s more real and valuable than anything else around them. People often choose pain over love, pain over common sense and pain over freedom. People choose their stresses over remembering to laugh at the big joke that life plays on us by putting all kinds of irrelevant shit in front of the things that really matter.

So it took Heidi a while to decide to be brave and clear in her wish to help people feel better through massage but, well, she’s here now. Heidi went to one of the best schools in the country for massage—the National Holistic Institute ( and studied hard and learned a bunch of way cool stuff. She received a letter of excellence for her work in the Eastern segment of her studies.

Heidi regularly does charity work doing massage and has done that for the Alzheimer’s Association (, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles ( and Soldiers’ Angels (, among others. Heidi is a big fan of the Los Angeles Kings hockey team, movies in general, yoga, Nina Simone, See’s Scotchmallows and her dog, Pansy.

Heidi would really like to help you in your work towards letting your pain and stress go.