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Massage rates and options:

Deep Tissue (Myofascial Therapy)—Focused treatment where you tell me your tension is. This work breaks up knots in muscle tissue and loosens adhesions. You will notice an increase in your range of motion in what was tense before I started.

Swedish—This is a relaxing, light to medium-firm pressure massage that increases circulation, soothes your tired body and increases your ability to relax, relax, relax.

Salt Glow—This is an exfoliating treatment done with sea salt and my special combo of aromatherapy/moisturizing oil that will make your skin super-soft and smooth. I follow the scrub up with a light Swedish massage.

Zen Shiatsu—Also known as Matsunaga Shiatsu, this Japanese form of bodywork makes your movements easier and stronger. Circulation is increased and relaxation and invigoration are the end results.

These prices apply to all locations in the San Fernando Valley. Outisde of the Valley, I’ll need to add travel costs. Payment in full is due at time of appointment. I offer discounts if you buy more than five massages at a time. Corporate chair massage—I will come to your business with my chair and work on your employees. Massage at work can reduce stress, increase circulation, decrease work-related injuries and make you look like the best boss ever. I can bring more therapists for larger workplaces. Ask me about rates.